Friday, August 5, 2016

The Marketability of Discovering What Makes You Unique

 I recently came across an article in Bloomberg Businessweek called "From Homeless to Multimillionaire," written by Carmine Gallo.

The article chronicled the life of Chris Gardner, the real life protagonist of the film "The Pursuit of Happyness," played by actor Will Smith.

If you are not familiar with the story or have not seen the film, Chris Gardner interned at Dean Witter Reynolds in 1981 while at the same time being homeless with his two year old son and finding creative options for shelter.  Gardner did become a successful stockbroker at two different firms and then started his own firm.  In addition he is a successful motivational speaker and international philanthropist, which has earned him millions of dollars.

In the article on Gardner featured in Bloomberg, Gardner discusses the secret to his success.  He is quoted as saying "Passion is everything. In fact, you've got to be borderline fanatical about what you do." The writer encourages readers to discover their core passion and allow it to motivate them.

When I read the article I was of course inspired by Chris Gardner's story, and I agree with the premise that passion is a major ingredient for accomplishing goals.  However, what I notice time and time again is not a lack of passion on the part of a person, but instead a lack of belief that their idea is marketable,

If a person believes that their idea has been done before and that it is not original, they may doubt themselves and never try to turn their idea into a successful venture.

Here is where the power of personal narrative comes in.  Every great story is based on a theme that is not original.  Therefore, it is not the theme that excites people, but rather the details of the story that is based on the theme.  This relates not only to stories but also to business ideas.

For example, suppose one is passionate about Italian food.  Sure there are twenty Italian restaurants in town.  But what if the restaurant that one dreams of opening specializes in homemade dishes from the Tuscan medieval town of  San Gimignano featuring dishes made with white truffles?  In this case it would not be just another Italian restaurant on the block, but instead a premier Italian restaurant with a designer detail in mind.

In marketing yourself or your business, you need to have passion, but you also need to identify what makes you different from the rest and expand on this detail.  The second step would be to advertise your uniqueness to the world so that they understand who you are and exactly what you are offering them that will be a one of a kind experience.

This is what we do at Robbins Global Innovations.  We help you identify what makes you stand out and what makes your brand essential for the market to buy in to.

  Robbins Global Innovations

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